Cuboxal was founded in 1978 and through a process of constant growth, is now the leading Italian company for the production of pizza boxes and the European leader in its field with more than 400 million pieces produced every year.

Cuboxal is part of the Pro-Gest Group owned by the Zago Family, which is the number one in the sector of paper production, cardboard and packaging with establishments in seven Italian regions. Through its comprehensive certified supply chain, the Group is able to ensure a top quality product.

The daily production of Cuboxal is close to two million boxes, entirely made with raw material produced by the Group and with facilities and technology that is of the latest generation, which are able to print in up to five colors. Cuboxal is the only company that is able to ensure the monitoring and traceability of each production phase, to guarantee consistency in the performance and excellence of the product.

The headquarters are in Silea (Treviso), logistically strategic to serve the market of Central Europe, and from the office in Munich - Germany, where the back office and business is developed.

Today Cuboxal distributes its products in more than 40 countries world wide.





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